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Our team of registered engineers and project managers looks forward to working with you on your next project. Whether you need an structural inspection for a new home or a permit drawing for an application, we are here to help.

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Stuctural Inspections

Safety for your future home or business is first

Before getting the key to your new house or real estate investment, get a property inspection from a structural engineer to assess the structural integrity of the property and its possibilities for expansion or remodeling.

  • Inspection and documentation of the condition of the structure, such as the framing, foundation, and connections
  • Assessment of structural elements in question
  • Full reports with conclusions, recommendations, and photos for city or village building departments and loan institutions
Build | Remodels

Residential or Commercial. Want to breathe some new life into an old space?

Adding on to an existing space or remodeling a property could be a stressful endeavor. Let a design professional partner with you and help you through the design, permit, and construction process.

  • Inspection and evaluation of framing, foundation and connections in the house
  • Full permit drawings for wall openings, repairs, and any other structural design needed to enhance your home
  • Architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings, as required
Structural Repairs

Looking to fix your space after an unfortunate accident?

After a fire or storm, we can assess the damage and design a cost-effective repair in a timely manner.

  • Full structural assessment and report for any insurance claims
  • Structural repair drawings and calculations
Field Fixes

Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry

Mistakes are bound to happen in the field. That's when you need a quick and accurate solution to keep your project moving. We can design a code compliant solution that is easy to construct to help you continue with the project.

  • Field visit to inspect conditions
  • Preliminary design options to verify constructability
  • Structural design drawings and calculations to ensure structural integrity of the affected building element
  • Means and Methods specification to aid in harmony between design team and construction team
Permit Drawings

Do you need plans for permit fast? We can help

Most changes in a building require approval from your city or village. We can help you put plans together no matter what stage you are in the construction process.

  • Signed and sealed architectural, structural, or MEP permit drawings for any size project up to 3 stories in height
Floor Layouts

Every square foot of your floor is valuable

Make sure you are using all of your property's space efficiently. Our in-house Industrial Engineer can help you improve the traffic flow of customers and employees or redesign your house to optimize placement of furniture, appliances, and many other common items.

Project Management

Do you need someone to oversee your project?

We partner with architects and contractors to design, plan and execute your project based on your needs and budget

  • Develop and execute project plan based on timeline and requirements
  • Full permit drawings for wall openings, repairs, and any other structural design needed to enhance your home
  • Schedule meetings with the appropriate stakeholders to check the status of the project and identify and mitigate issues, as necessary

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